Chemical Warehousing

H.W. Coates has always invested in the very best vehicles, warehouses and IT.

We have more COMAH sites than anyone else, with high specification warehouses offering clean, quality space with add-ons such as temperature control, 24 hour manned security, in-rack sprinklers, decanting and specialist stores.

Chemical warehousing:
Warehousing isn't just storage. It means receipt, repacking, labelling, stock control and despatch. We do it all. And it means having the right premises: racked, sprinkled, temperature controlled, specialist (flammable, peroxide, etc) and signing up to a raft of regulatory and accreditation regimes (see glossary).

High-spec stores:
Our latest warehouse at Middlewich was purpose-built in 2015. It sits on freehold land, was designed and commissioned by a joint Coates - customer team and employs the highest specifications throughout from its FOSROC surface and Atex electrics, to advanced HVAC filtration. The highest quality needs real investment.

Leading edge IT:
We link our operations through a 100-workstation WAN, running linked warehouse, distribution and administrative systems on a central server. This provides high efficiency, accuracy and resilence as well as customer visibility, with online PODs, digital signuture capture and telematics.  We are determined to stay at the forefront of industry developments.

The Scots at our top-tier COMAH depot in Grangemouth beat teams from all parts of the group (and England) on their way to the title of best six-a-side team in the company.
From Grangemouth to Rugby, from Shrewsbury to Newmarket, we have the best space, right where you need it.