Battery Logistics

Lithium batteries require careful handling

Modern lithium batteries provide significantly more power than previous technologies – and this comes with heightened risk.  That means the transport of most LiOn batteries comes under ADR, requiring a specialist haulier such as H.W. Coates, and a specialist network (only the Hazchem Network complies in the UK).  And warehousing needs to follow guidance supplied by the Fire Protection Association and the insurers.  As the risks of these essential products become better known, more and more consignors are turning to us for their battery logistics.

Specialist Gases

Hazardous gas storage facility

Specialist gases – such as those used in the manufacture of semiconductors – require highly specialised stores equipped with caging, flame detectors, and electrochemical and gas sensors. At our hazardous gas storage facilities, we follow the EIGA (European Industrial Gases Association) guidance and codes of practice which means all of the above, plus additional security and handling measures.  Our people are specially trained and have appropriate PPE and emergency containment equipment. If you want assurance your cylinders are stored safely and securely, please get in touch.